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Home Bartender Course
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Certified Bartender Course
Professional Bartender
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Professional Bartender Course

Bartending Course

  • Did you know that bartenders average $100-$300 per shift?
  • Did you know that tending bar is ranked in the top 5 part time positions in the country?
  • Did you also know that being a bartender allows even full time students or career workers an unbelievable opportunity to have fun while making great money for merely a handful of hours per week?

Being a bartender is so much more than simply standing behind a bar making drinks for a dollar here and there. Few people realize that if you simply have the drive to make fantastic cocktails, love hanging out with all walks of life, need that social outlet to just be yourself, or just plain get a kick out of watching others let loose after a hard week at work; then being a bartender is the absolute dream job for YOU!

Ok, so you love your career. Or maybe you are in school to pursue the ultimate degree. You might even have a wild and crazy hair to own your own bar! Whatever you are currently doing in life, nothing is more satisfying than going out to run your mouth and have a blast for just a few hours a week and.......guess what......get PAID for it! That’s right - making drinks is simply an excuse to stand in front of people you want to meet and hang out with while getting paid big bucks just having a great time. Never thought of it that way did you?

Now that we have your attention, and you’re excited about getting into this amazing industry, why on earth would you choose Raleigh’s Bartending School over some other school? That is a fantastic question. Since we knew that question was coming, we decided to keep it super simple, and to make it painfully obvious. So, after we hired a handful of secret shoppers to make a whole bunch of phone calls to find out the differences amongst bartending schools countrywide, we simply collaborated the pages of data and put together this amazing comparison chart below.....much like cell phone companies do when you choose a phone or data plan. Ah yes.....visual aids! Well, here is what we found out: Bartending-School-Comparison-chart


It really is stunning that you can get everything you need from one place without looking any further!  Not just everything....but while having the most fun of your life going to school of all places, and all at affordable custom fit enrollment options.

So how much would it be to give you all the tools you ever need to make this all a reality?  Just look at our upcoming classes at the top of the page!

What is it you want to get from this?  

Do you just want to get a short taste of what it all entails before making a decision to go all out?  You got it with our 2 hour program that gives just that....perfect for date night as well!  






Are you simply interested in learning how to be a tremendous host and be able to make great drinks for you own house parties?  

Our Good Host bartending package provides 12 hours of hands on learning to give you exactly what you need. This Course really is meant for those who are absolutely certain that they want to do nothing more than learn how to host events at their OWN house while having the confidence that you are in complete control of what you are doing! Nothing more - nothing less! Learn free pouring and drink recipes, all over 3 Saturdays, that your house guests will love, and plenty of hands on practice to make sure you get it right.


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40 Hour Certification Course


Are you serious about the industry and want to work behind a bar at a restaurant, night club, or hotel?  

Our full 40 hour bartending certification course enables you to take your 2 certifications anywhere in the country and make handfuls of cash nightly! If you have ever wanted to be able to mix drinks like the professionals, this full 40 hour certification course will teach you to make the most popular cocktails, martinis, and shooters requested in bars today. You learn from an industry leading Mixologist, in a real working bar environment with the professional tools and equipment. No kitchen sink and 2 liter coke bottles here! This training is exclusive to Raleigh's Bartending School, and is not offered by any other Bartending School. Upon graduation you will have the knowledge and confidence necessary to make great drinks while having a fantastic time making money! Great for those who wish to gain employment in establishments such as Hotels, Banquet Halls, Golf Courses, restaurants, night clubs, etc.


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Finally, are you ready to be the Ultimate professional bartender and work private events in someone ELSE’s home or convention center for weddings, fundraiser, house parties, or major events?  


The Ultimate Professional is the MUST HAVE bartending package! This 100% hands-on program gives you the complete 40 hour certification course along with LIFETIME FREE refresher classes and eligibility for private events - such as weddings, fundraisers, and house parties. If you're serious about getting a job in the bartending industry, especially events that pay out $25 per hour plus tips, this is the most complete bartender training package available. The Ultimate Professional is designed for those who wish to gain employment in the bar industry along with the freedom to come back ANY time and to work as an INDEPENDENT, boss free bartender!  


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Pick what you want according to seat availability and date.  Then, simply call now to enroll before someone else takes your spot and opportunity away from you!  Seats are limited weekly, so time is of the essence.  Although you probably should have done this yesterday, there is no better time to enroll than right this moment!!  Choose your option and call now!

Professional bartenders, managers, owners, and our students come to Raleigh's Bartending School and Charlotte Bartending School for the hands on bartending training as well as to learn the legal aspects of serving alcohol. It is now required in many states, that a professional bartender must be certified in order to serve alcohol. Our Bartending Schools cover this area of Bartending extensively as well as Flair Bartending, proven methods of increasing your tips and how to land the Bartending Job you want.


  • 1 or 2 Week and Weekkend Courses
  • Learn "Tricks of the Trade"
  • Hands on Training
  • Earn Up To & Over $100 - $300 /day
  • Learn Hundreds of Mixed Drinks

Flexible Class Schedules

We offer very flexible class schedules which allow students to train while working, attending college, or raising families. Classes are available in the morning, afternoon, or evening - you can even mix and match class schedules!

Arrange a free consultation today to learn more about tuition, registration and our next enrollment period.

One or Two Week Courses

1 Week Course

Take our intensive single week course 8 hours per day for complete immersion and fastest training. Day and evening hours to work around your schedule.

2 Week Course

Take the less intense course for 4 hours per day for 2 weeks. Day and evening hours to work around your schedule.

Learn Hands On from the Best

Our bartending course will teach you how to make hundreds of Mixed Drink Recipes including all of the popular Martinis, Shooters, Fancy Cocktails, and Basic Cocktails. Drinks recipes, production technique, glassware, garnishes and other cocktail necessities are all fully explained while you watch the drink being prepared by our experienced instructors. After each demonstration, you go behind an actual bar and practice making the drinks yourself - Definitely not something you can do with one of those online bartending schools!

Highest Earnings Potential

One of the advantages of bartending is earnings. Unlike other jobs, where you have a fixed wage, bartenders get paid a base salary and tips. Professional bartenders may earn over $30 per hour with salary and tips. Your earnings will depend on several factors including customer skill, how you treat people, and the amount of people served.

Tend Bar or Open Your Own

Full time employment, a second income, or your own business are the readily available opportunities for our graduates. Our Bartending Schools will teach you how to care for and operate all the equipment and tools of a bartender. During the course you will work with a full range of nightclub tools and equipment and learn how to setup and breakdown a real bar.

Flexible Class Schedules

We offer very flexible class schedules which allow students to train while working, attending college, or raising families. Classes are available in the morning, afternoon, or evening - you can even mix and match class schedules!

Arrange a free consultation today to learn more about tuition, registration and our next enrollment period.


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