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Bartending School Process

Bartending School Process

bartending school

1st Contact – We speak directly to every single potential bartending school student in order to help you.  You may either fill in a pre-enrollment form and expect a phone call shortly after, or call directly for information.

Course Information – Consultation and conversations with you about class schedules and start dates available, your goals and motives, and tuition packages are done on an individual basis.  Because this is a personality-driven industry, we do not answer questions through emailing or texting.  We expect every potential bartending school student to be able to have a conversation with one of our advisers as we are here to help you further your bartending education.

Enrollment – Once you have decided on the package you would like and start date, we ask that you make payment in order to confirm enrollment. You are welcome to pick a later start date if you need to make payments, but all payments must be in full before the start of the course.

Course Instruction – In order to become certified, you are expected to complete the full required number of hours and pass the final assessment exam.  With our online bartending school learning component, we are very flexible with how you may accomplish that and can help with scheduling issues if necessary.

Course completion – Once you have fulfilled the number of hours and have passed the final exam, you will become a fully certified bartender ready for work.

Job Placement Assistance – As a certified bartender, you will be entitled to lifetime job placement assistance where available.  It is a nationwide and lifetime benefit.

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