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Bartending School FAQs

Do you teach me all there is to know about bartending?

Yes, we not only teach you all of your mixed drinks, we will teach you everything you need to know about being a Top-Notch Bartender, including Bar Management.

Tell me about your teaching staff?

Our teaching staff is comprised of all bartenders with years of experience in the field.

This course cannot be taught from books. It must be taught by bartenders who have learned from actual experience. They are able to pass on to you all of the tricks of the trade, to make you feel like an experienced bartender. They are all seasoned veterans in the Food & Beverage Industry.

Will the school get me a job and for how long may I use your Placement Office?

We are not permitted to guarantee or promise anyone a job, however, after being in business for so many years, many connections have been made or we would not survived. We have a Placement Assistance Service for graduates and you may use it as much as you find necessary.

In other words, if you are ever out of work, or just need additional work, you can call or come by to see what jobs we have available. Our Placement Service is never closed to past or present students. There is never any charge for this service to our graduates.

This service is lifetime and nationwide.

Can I take the course if my educational background is limited?

Yes, if you are ambitious and have good common sense you should have no difficulty. If you have problems during the course, our instructors will always be there and ready to help you. If you need extra hours, there will be no additional charge. You can stay until you are completely satisfied.

I am a woman, what chances do I have and is bartending safe?

Reputable establishments hire women as frequently as men for bartending jobs. In fact our Placement Office often receives calls from establishments that are looking specifically for women bartenders. Our Placement Coordinators will work with you to place you in an atmosphere that makes you feel the most comfortable.

I am a middle-aged person, what chances do I have?

There is no age barrier in the Bartending field. There is room for everyone from young people of eighteen years old to people in the Golden Years. Your ability, personality and attitude count more than anything else.

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