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Online Bartending School

Online Bartending School

online bartending school

Since you are considering the idea of an online bartending school, here is the question that is surely on your mind: 

“How can I get in on this nationally known mixology course that everyone is raving about when I live too far away to get to class?”

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You’ve read all the awesome reviews.  You’ve seen how many people are willing to grab a plane ticket and a hotel room to get professionally certified at Raleigh’s Bartending School.  You’ve seen the lackluster options around your own city or town that only teach the ABCs of bartending.

At some point, envy starts to enter your head and you think to yourself “there MUST be a way for me to have what all those other happy professional bartenders have without having to go all the way to Raleigh, NC….right?”

As it happens, there is.

At first glance, the idea of an online bartending school can seem strange since it may be difficult to get PRACTICE in your own home.  Here is where this course shines above any and ALL other online bartending schools you see.

Raleigh’s Bartending School is known from coast to coast because this course is not simply for hobbyists.  This course is full of concepts and terminology and techniques that take an amateur to a professional level completely.

Yes, there are some suggestions as to how you can prepare and practice everything you learn in this course while never leaving your house…..and we provide those ideas as to how.  But, the online bartending school we offer is so full of stuff, your brain might even hurt.  Do you think you can you handle it? We think you can!

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Each lesson is digitally recorded from the very same location that the classes are physically taught and are done in such a way as if you were sitting live in front of the instructor.  Every detail and technique is explained as it is done every week in person.  The great thing about the whole experience is that it is as if you are right there with us on location even though you are sitting in San Francisco CA or Boise ID or Miami FL or New York NY or Chicago IL or Phoenix AZ or even any city or town like Charlotte NC or Wilmington NC or Greensboro NC or right here in Raleigh NC.  You’ll feel as if you were with us each day the lessons are given.

The course is structured so that you take one or two lessons a day depending on how fast you want to take it.  Should you have questions, you are able to call or email the instructor as if you were able to walk right in the office.  Raleigh’s Bartending School is referral driven because of how we treat our students and graduates…..like family.

Now that there is absolutely no reason to have to miss out on what everyone loves about Raleigh’s Bartending School in person, there is also no more reason to keep you from enrolling in the online bartending course now offered nationally.

Why not go ahead and enroll and start Monday?  Great question….why not?  Enroll now and we will see you virtually.

My daughter and I are taking the online mixology course together. The first day I watched the classes and was upstairs wanting to talk to her about it but she had not watched the videos yet. BUMMER.

So Tuesday comes around and we both end up in the kitchen after watching the videos. She grabs the OJ and the Peach Schnapps and starts to make a drink. I told her.. STOP STOP … you know what he says about making a drink. OVER ICE!

She was like, “Yeah Yeah.”

I get the ice, we free pour based on the count.

We split it between two glasses. We both took a drink about the same time.

“Damn that’s good.”

“Told you, OVER ICE, then follow his instructions.”

I liked it, the wife liked it, the daughter liked it and her younger sister liked it. So we mixed a few.

The first time we have mixed ANYTHING at home that tasted good. It tasted like a drink you would get at Disney when we vacation there.

So glad I am taking the class.

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